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Describe theoretical Background of one way analysis and application of One way ANOVA.


College Students' Seating Choices and Motivation to achieve this activity is a revision of an activity found in Real Data- the Statistics Workbook Based on Empirical Data by Z. C Holcomb (1997). Published by Pyrczak Publishing.

Statistical Guide- To determine the meaning of a set of differences among two or more means we use examination of variance (ANOVA). When ANOVA yields a probability of .05 or less, we usually reject the null hypothesis (the null hypothesis says that the difference among the means were created by sampling-random-error and aren't reflective of a true difference in the population means). If the null hypothesis is retained there isn't sufficient reason to reject the hypothesis that the difference among the means is due to sampling error.

In this exercise you will be consuming ANOVA to compare three means. If the valueless hypothesis can be rejected based on these results a further comparison among the groups can be find outd to determine which, if any of the population means differ from one another. The formulas as well as explanations of the relevant F and t-tests can be found in chapters 15 and 16 of our text. In conclusion, a judgment of the result size of independent variable will be find outd (also found in chapter 15).

Background Notes- The seating positions chosen by college freshmen in three sections of a required course were observed as well as recorded as either rows 1-2, rows 3-4, or rows 5-6. Students were managed a self-report problemnaire on their achievement motivation (that is, their desire to achieve). The probable range of scores was 0 (very low motivation) to 30 (very high motivation).

Making Predictions- Before examining the data below, forecast the results you will obtain. (When scientists make predictions they are hypothesizing.) Note that your predictions aren't right or wrong. Rather they represent your finest guess as to the outcomes you will obtain. After you accomplish the calculations you will be able to determine whether the data support your predictions.

Forecast whether there was a significant difference in achievement motivation among the three groups of students (those who sat in rows 1-2 vs those who sat in rows 3-4 vs those who sat in rows 5-6).
1) Yes there was a significant difference at the .05 level or higher.
2) No there wasn't a significant difference at the .05 level

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