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problem 1: Describe the objective of multinational financial management? What are different aspects of world economy which encompass rise to the international financial management?

problem 2: In globalized era the functions of finance executives of an MNC have become complex. In your view what are the factors which are responsible for the decision making in international financial management?

problem 3: Describe the nature and scope of international financial management through a multinational firm.

problem 4: How international financial management is distinct from financial management at domestic level?

problem 5: Why international financial management is significant for a globalized firm?

problem 6: Define the term International Financial system. Describe the different parties in international financial system with their inter-relationships?

problem 7: What do you mean by the term international monetary system? Exchange rate is the focal point to understand the entire method of monetary system. Validate the statement with ex?

problem 8: describe in detail the evolution of international monetary and financial systems?

problem 9: prepare notes on the given:

a) Crawling peg
b) Gold standard
c) Bretton Woods System
d) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
e) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)

problem 10: There is a clash between the proponents of fixed rate and the floating rate currency regimes. In your opinion which must be preferred and describe why?

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