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problem1) Describe the NPV, Pay Back Period, IRR and discounted payback period with ex.

problem2) Outline the characteristics of venture capital investment that differentiate them from investing in the equity of an established firm listed on a stock exchange.

problem3) describe briefly the things that project financers in Power project consider?

problem4) How do the four methods of raising finance – Public issue, rights issue, private placements and preferential allotment compare?


Case Study

The normal and crash times and direct costs for the activities of a project are shown below:

Activity                  Time                          Cost
                   Normal      Crash        Normal        Crash
(1-2)             5                2            6,000         9,000
(2-4)             6                3            7,000        10,000
(1-3)             4                2            1,000          2,000
(3-4)             7                4            4,000          8,000
(4-7)             9                5            6,000          9,200
(3-5)           12                3          16,000        19,600
(4-6)           10                6          15,000        18,000
(6-7)            7                4            4,000           4,900
(7-9)            6                4            3,000           4,200
(5-9)           12                7           4,000           8,500

Case problems:

problem5)a) Draw the network diagram.

b) Find out all normal and critical path.

c) find out the minimum cost project schedule if the indirect cost are Rs. 1,000 per

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