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An instructor asked 5 students how many hours they had studied for exam. For part 6, suppose that hours studied is the predictor variable. Here are the number of hours and student's grades:

Hours studied

Test Grade











1. Develop a scatter diagram of raw scores.

2. describe in words the general pattern of association.

3. Figure out the correlation coefficient.

4. Describe the logic of what you've done, writing as if you were speaking to someone who has never had the statistics course, but who does understand mean, standard deviation, and Z scores.

5. Provide three logically possible directions of causality, saying for each whether it was the reasonable direction in light of variables involved and why.

6. Develop raw score predictions on criterion variable for persons with Z scores on predictor value of -2,-1,0,+1,+2

7. Provide the proportion of variance accounted for R (2) (little 2)

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