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problem 1) describe process control and product control.

problem 2) prepare down the criterion for detecting lack of control.

problem 3) Differentiate p, np and u charts.

problem 4) describe modified control limits with uses.

problem 5) Describe producer’s and consumer’s risks.

problem 6) describe AOQ and AOQL.

problem 7) describe Single Sampling plan.

problem 8) Stating the assumptions of double sampling plan, prepare down the expressions for ASN and ATI for double sampling plan.

problem 9) describe Maintainability and Availability with suitable ex.

problem 10) describe path tub analysis.

problem 11) describe the design and construction of Average and Range charts. Also prepare their uses.

problem 12)a)  Describe the construction of C chart and state its limitations.

b) describe group control chart with applications.

problem 13) describe the following

i) Rectifying inspection plans

ii) AQL and LTPD

iii)  Acceptance sampling procedure

problem 14)a)  Find out ‘n’ and ‘c’ in single sampling plans.

b) Derive an expression for probability of acceptance to draw OC curve for double sampling plan.

problem 15)a) Obtain Reliability rate and Hazard rate for:

i) Exponential distribution and  

ii) Weibull distribution.

b) describe parallel series model and obtain corresponding probabilities.

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