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Define- Perform a single factor ANOVA.

ANOVA Study- Aggression

Katie is learning aggression among adolescent girls. She trusts that there is a relationship between the level of interaction a girl has with her mother and her level of aggression. She has recognised 5 girls who fall into each of 4 interaction levels and has measured their aggression scores. Her data are given below.

No Interaction

Low Interaction

Moderate Interaction

High Interaction





















The instant table is as follows:


Sum of Squares


Mean Square


Between groups





Within groups










1) What are the independent variable and the dependent variables?

2) Should Katie conduct between-subjects ANOVA or a within-subjects ANOVA? describe your answer.

3) How many factors are involved in Katie's study?

4) How many levels are involved? Name the level(s).

5) What are the null and alternate hypotheses?

6) Using α = 0.05, what is Fcrit?

7) Is the F-test significant?

8) Based on your answer about significance, what else should you do and why?

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