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Consider a newly-listed company of interest to you and using the 2009/2010 annual accounting reports describe its business and financial environment. Subsequently, critically discuss the following topics:

a) prepare a report for senior managers on how they could improve the company's financial performance and achieve the primary business goals, such as profit and shareholders' wealth maximization.

b) Analyze the sources of finance and the capital structure of the company. Comment on the short- and long- term financial strategy of the company.

c) prepare a report detailing the factors contributing to the selection of the dividend policy of the company. Make recommendations on the decision-making process and the range of influences considered.

d) Investigate the capital investment process of the company. Consider areas for improvement.

e) Comment on the risk exposure and the risk-return profile of the company. Analyze the implications and provide recommendations in your report.

f) prepare a report to describe the benefits gained from getting listed in the sock market and compare the financial positions of the company before and after the flotation.

g) Evaluate the business strategies of the company.

h) If the company has acquired or merged with another company, analyze the acquisition / merger motives, process, planning and integration. Make recommendations for improvement should any future acquisition / mergers be contemplated. If not, then you may use another company to discuss the issues set above.

i)Analyze the executive incentives of the company.

j) In what ways could the company take steps to ensure greater efficiency of the stock market pricing of its shares?

REQUESTED: Please give me an idea where to get information to start gathering relevant information for this project.


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