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problem 1) Describe in detail the method of collecting primary data through ‘questinonnaire’.

problem 2) Compute the co-efficient of variation of the following two series and show which series is more reliable.

Weight in Kg       0-10    10-20    20-30    30-40    40-50     50-60    60-70

Class-A: f:            1         2            9           8          5            4           1
Class B:f:             1         3            7           8          7             3           1

problem 3) Compute Yule’s Coefficient of Association between Literacy and Unemployment from the data given below. Total adults: 2,25,000; Literates:50,000; Unemployed: 17,000; Literate and unemployed: 7,000.

problem 4) Describe the meaning and significance of time series

problem 5) Construct the cost of living index number for the following data.

Group Weights   Base year        Current year
A                             404                     560
B                             100                     609
C                             150                      506
D                            151                       012
E                            202                        025

problem 6) A bag contains 10 red, 5 white and 4 blue balls. If 4 balls are drawn at random, find out the probability that:

(a) All 4 are blue balls and

(b) red, 2 white and 1 blue ball.

problem 7) prepare down the merits and limitations of systematic sampling.

problem 8) Briefly describe the data sources of the Indian economy.

problem 9) Compute measure of skewness based on quartiles from the following data:

Mid-value       115   125   135    145    155    165   175  185    195

Frequency      6        25     48     72     116     60     38     22      3

problem 10) Detemrine the two regression equations from the following data :

X   6   2   10   5   9
Y   9   11  5    9   8

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