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Exp Price date  (p1)

Price today\'s date close  (p0)


Expected Dividend -same as previous year

Return Percentage

Stock Beta from Yahoo

Desired Portfolio Percent

Ebay Inc.


 mce_markernbsp;  22.27

 mce_markernbsp;  23.60

 mce_markernbsp;   (1.33)





Sun Trust Bank


 mce_markernbsp;  19.18

 mce_markernbsp;  22.55

 mce_markernbsp;   (3.37)





Safeway Inc.


 mce_markernbsp;  20.71

 mce_markernbsp;  19.72

 mce_markernbsp;    0.99





Starbucks Corp.


 mce_markernbsp;  17.64

 mce_markernbsp;  20.65

 mce_markernbsp;   (3.01)







 mce_markernbsp;  79.80

 mce_markernbsp;  86.52






Apply each of the four stocks selected for your portfolio last week

[A] Compute the Security Market Line [SML] equation for each stock.
[B] Suppose a United State Treasury rate of 3% as the risk free rate in your SML. Use the beta for your stock
[C] What does the SML tell you about your portfolio of stocks?  How can the SML assist in forecasting the expected return on your stocks?

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