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Choose a project, and find out at least two aspects of the project scope that might have the tendency to go out of scope and potentially derail the project. Next, develop a WBS that contains the three levels of detail and takes the two eventualities you determined into account.

Find out the main merits of developing a WBS for this project. Support your response.

Working in a strange and foreign culture while adhering to the project management guidelines can present challenges. A project manager must utilize information for project professionals working overseas, as well as work on virtual projects involving colleagues from different countries. Describe the four major issues surrounding the management of international projects. Next, from the case study, determine which of the four issues that you identified best describes the problem of Lofgrin, the project manager. Support your response.

From the case study, determine Lofgrin's problem, and recommend a strategy for Lofgrin to consider in order to resolve the problem. Next, create a three-level WBS for the strategy that you recommended. Justify your response.

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