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problem 1) prepare down the limitations of statistical data?

problem 2) Describe the different types of scales in statistical data.

problem 3) What are the main sources of data collection?

problem 4) prepare down the various types of graphical representations?

problem 5) Describe the merits and demerits of mean and median.

problem 6) find out the quartile deviation from the following data:

Height in inches      :    58     59     60     61     62     63     64     65     66

No. of students      :    15     20     32     35     33     22     20     10      8

problem 7) Compute the first four moments from the following data:

X     :    0      1       2        3        4       5       6       7       8

F      :    5    10     15      20      25     20     15      10       5

problem 8) prepare a brief note on curve fitting.

problem 9) What is simple Correlation? prepare any two properties of correlation.

problem 10) Describe the role of Categorical Data.

problem 11) Describe in detail the significance of statistics and its applications in different fields.

problem 12)a) Define frequency distribution. How will you construct a frequency table?

b) Obtain frequency curve for the following data.

Monthly wages    Frequency

    11-13                  6
    13-15                53
    15-17                85
    17-19                56
    19-21                21
    21-23                16
    23-25                 8

problem 13)a) find out Mean, Median and Mode of the following data:

Class interval :     0-5    5-10   10-15    15-20    20-25

Frequency      :     7      18         25          30        20

b)  From the following table, compute Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Skewness:

Weekly wages (in Rs):    15    20    25    30    35    40    45

No. of earners    :    3    25    19    16    4    5    6

problem 14)a) Ten competitors in a musical test were ranked by three judges A, B and C in the  following order:

Ranks by A:     1    6    5    10    3    2    4    9    7    8
Ranks by B:     3    5    8    4    7    10    2    1    6    9
Ranks by C:     6    4    9    8    1    2    3    10    5    7

Using rank correlation method, describe which pair of judges has the nearest approach to common likings in music.

b) The observations on X and Y for 10 students in two subjects are given as follows:

X:    59    59    65    45    52    60    62    70    55    45    49

Y:    75    75    70    55    65    60    69    80    65    59    61

find out the least square regression equations of Y on X and X on Y.

problem 15)a)  Describe the different types of regression and its uses.

b) Compute the two regression equations and coefficient of correlation from the data  given below

Marks in Statistics (out of 50)    : 40    40    38    35    42    30

Marks in Mathematics (out of 50): 30    30    35    40    36    29

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