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The prevalence of undetected diabetes in a population to be screened is approximately 1.5% and it is assumed that 10,000 persons will be screened. The screening test will measure blood serum sugar content. A value of 180 mg percent or higher is considered positive. The sensitivity and the specificity associated with this screening are 22.9% and 99.8% respectively.

a. Set up a fourfold table with the appropriate numbers in each cell of the table. (3 pts. per box) + - Total Prevalence = 1.5% Population = 10,000 Sensitivity = 22.9% Specificity = 99.8%

find out the following values: (3 points each)

b. The percentage of false positive error rate.

c. The percentage of false negative error rate.

d. The predictive value of a positive test. e. The predictive value of a negative test. f. Based on the calculations above, how many false positives and negatives will occur if 100,000 people are screened? 

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