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Business Analytics and Statistics Research Report -

This assignment is based on fictional data.

You are creating a business report for the CEO of a retail company called, Athlete Panda. It must be professional in presentation and contain insightful content for them to make business decisions.

Both data sets are from a small retail store that sells athletic clothing, shoes and products. The business is divided into a number of areas including Men's, Women's, Boys, Girls, and Customisation. The product range includes shoes, clothing, accessories and sporting equipment. The customisation section allows customers to customise their sneakers depending on use, such as lifestyle, running, gym & training, football, basketball and skateboarding. There are also options to customise the children's line.

The shops stocks brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Under Armour, ASICS, and Converse.

The brick and mortar shop has been open for about five years and has just started trading online for one year.

You have been given two data sets and the data is inclusive of a whole year of trading.

1. The first dataset labelled "Customer attributes" lists the results of an online survey given to customers.

2. The second dataset lists the Shop sales.

The CEO states that the main challenges in the business are profit, Cost of Goods (COGS margins) and how to increase sales. They want to know how to increase sales and how their customers feel about the store.

Task instructions: Using what you have learned in the lectures and the tutorials answer the main research questions below. Then consider the dataset and answer any other research questions you can identify that are meaningful to the CEO.

As guide - answer these main research questions:

1. Which product categories are making the most profit?

2. Which product category costs the most (COGS)?

3. Is there a difference in payments methods?

4. Is there a difference in store location and sales?

5. Are there any differences in the user groups on all of the customer attitudes?

6. Are there any differences in gender on all of the customer attitudes?

Report structure -

Cover page/Title Page - Name, student number, tutor information, word count.

Table of contents (could also include a list of figures / graphs / tables).

Introduction - Introduce the business and its problems.

  • Describe the company, what does it do, what is the company profile. Paraphrase this information and add to it as it is an imaginary company.

Problem definition and business intelligence required.

  • List each of the research questions and list what analytics methods you have chosen to answer each question and why. Use references to academic definitions of the statistics, such as textbooks and journal articles.
  • For example, if you used an ANOVA - list the research question, explain why an ANOVA was most appropriate by defining what an ANOVA is and does (use references to statistical textbooks and websites).

Results of the selected analytics methods and technical analysis

  • Use each research question as a heading.
  • Present the relevant descriptive statistics through data visualization/ graphical displays (Tables, graphs, pie charts etc.).
  • Present the main analysis results and explain them.
  • Higher marks for including extra research questions not defined in this document and creating nice tables/displays opposed to copy and pasting directly from SPSS output.

Discussion of the results and recommendations

  • Based on the analyses what conclusions about the business can be summarized/drawn and what recommendations can be offered to the CEO.

References - list of references in either Harvard or APA formatting.

Appendix - Include copies of the output from SPSS exactly as it is.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

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