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According to American Express, it is hypothesized that average American has traveled to 8.4 states. WGN-TV felt this information was wrong. They did the survey of 22 Chicago area residents and found that they had traveled to average of 6.5 states. Assume the standard deviation for this problem was 1.1.  Do a 1-sample t-test to see if people in Chicago have traveled to fewer states than people nationwide. Employ the 10% (.10) level of significance. 

From information above, Recognize these variables and  their values:     

X bar= ____________ µ= ____________       SD=____________


 N = ____________     df= ____________      α= ____________


T= ____________       ...         Use your table to find a critical value for "t".


T= ____________       ...         Compute a test value for "t".  


YES - NO       (circle one)      Do Chicagoans travel to significantly fewer states than the people nationwide?


  • T = Mean Score (x bar) -  Hypothesized value of population mean (µ) / SEM
  • SEM =   SD/√n
  • df = n -1

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