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A triage system has been proposed for the ER stated in Problem 5 above. As mentioned, 50 patients per hour arrive at the ER. Under the proposed triage plan, patients who're entering will be registered as before. They will then be quickly analyzed by a nurse practitioner who will classify them as Simple Prescriptions or Potential Admits. While Simple Prescriptions will move on to the area staffed for regular care, Potential Admits will be taken to the emergency area. Planners anticipate that initial examination by triage nurse will take three minutes. They expect that, on average, 20 patients will be waiting to register and 5 will be waiting to be seen by the triage nurse. Recall that registration takes the average of 2 minutes per patient. Planner expects the Simple Prescriptions area to have, on average, 15 patients waiting to be seen. As before, once a patient's turn comes, each will take 5 minutes of doctor's time. The hospital anticipates that, on average; the emergency area will have only 1 patient waiting to be seen. As before, once the patient's turn comes, he or she will take 30 minutes of doctor's time. Suppose that, as before, 90% of all patients are Simple Prescriptions. Suppose, too, that the triage nurse is 100% accurate in her classifications. Under proposed plan, how long, on average, will a patient stay in ER? On average, how long will Potential Admit stay in the ER? On average, how many patients will be in ER?

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