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A team of advanced practice nurses who handle patients with Fibromyalgia(FM) were capable to disprove orginal data claming that 55% of adults with Fm don't receive the appropriate treament advice from their specialists. After doing a three year study among 1000 patients, the nurses were capable to reject null hypothesis and indeed show that not 55%, but only 205 of adults with Fm instead believed they were not receiving the appripriate treatment from their specialists. 20% of 1000 patients equals a sample mean of 200 patients. At a σ =6 patients, the next step is for nurses to display confidence with results. As such, the appropriate 95% confidence interval t-test would be:

a. 195<µ <212

b. 199.686<µ <200.314

c. 190.686<µ <210.5

d. 190.1 <µ <211.1

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