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1. A researcher is interested the relationship between the widowed person's grief (dependent variable) following the death of an ill spouse and length of the time (days) spouse was ill prior to death (independent variable).  A study using the sample of 36 widows and widowers was conducted (n = 50) Grief was measured by using The Grief Resolution Scale. A high score on scale indicates the higher level of grief. Length of time the spouse was ill was collected in days. The data are noted below:

S.NO Days of Illness (X) Grief Resolution Scale Score (Y) Gender (1 = Men, 2 = Women)
1 365 25 1
2 164 50 1
3 80 75 1
4 45 85 1
5 15 90 1
6 7 95 1
7 325 27 1
8 154 54 1
9 90 72 1
10 49 82 1
11 11 90 1
12 10 95 1
13 300 28 1
14 155 56 1
15 94 76 1
16 48 83 1
17 18 96 1
18 6 921 1
19 343 28 2
20 160 50 2
21 72 70 2
22 55 80 2
23 20 87 2
24 17 86 2
25 363 25 2
26 160 50 2
27 70 75 2
28 35 85 2
29 35 90 2
30 3 95 2
31 365 25 2
32 164 50 2
33 80 75 2
34 45 85 2
35 15 90 2
36 7 95 2

Enter the data and perform the Pearson's correlation on data and report the results. r = ?

2. Using the data in problem 1, conduct an ANOVA to identify whether the grief experienced is significantly different between men and women.   (Hint: Use single factor ANOVA and put men and women each in separate columns)

a. Paste the results of ANOVA here:

b. What are the degrees of freedom which will employed to find out the critical F from the table? 

c. Using the table, report Critical F using the significance level of .05. ___________

3. True or False  Based on the ANOVA conducted in problem 2, there is the statistically significant difference in grief experienced between men and women. 

4. Run the scatter plot on data in problem 1 and paste results here.

5. describe the relationship of scatter plot created in problem 4:

a. Positive Linear Relationship between variables

b. Negative Linear Relationship between variables

c. No Relationship between variables

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