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Civil Engineering

Difficulties faced by a student while solving civil engineering problems

Civil engineering is the mother engineering subject which deals with our civilisation. Engineers are called as a problem solver. Any analytical, computational, experimental, structural design work or application civil engineers solve problems. Many times it can be noticed that a fresh civil engineering scholar comes across a subject that is more difficult and delivered at a faster speed than what they experienced in higher secondary school level. Collectively with poor problem- solving skills and insufficient study habits, this can be a way for disaster. In fact, civil engineering scholars do not get sufficient time to develop themselves in problem-solving skills due to a vast syllabus. During course work, they get very less time to solve the homework exercises. In the professional field the kind of problems which they usually solve trend to be much more complex than the common exercises found in most text books. Sometimes theory based exercises do not help students when they face the practical application. Never these texts exercises help civil engineering student to reduce the gap between theory and practical application. Hence a space between theory and practical is always exist to the civil engineering student.

In general civil engineers, faces the problems related to engineering mechanics, structural analysis, strength of material, soil mechanics, transportation engineering, earthquake engineering, reinforced concrete design, steel structure design, irrigation engineering, environmental engineering, survey and levelling, engineering mathematics, etc. When a civil engineering student come across to solve a problem, usually many difficulties they face like a) insufficient data b) less mathematical knowledge c) insufficient skill and coordination d) not enough concept of the subject. e) not understanding the problem properly. Sometimes "time" is the factor which make difficulties to the student. What happened when a problem was given to a student, sufficient time shall be given for solving the problem? But within a time frame, solving a problem is a miserable task for the student. Hence not only in the exam hall but in the practical field also they are getting difficulties to sort out the problem. Most of the civil engineering problems are not as simple as it looks. A simple problem can be solved by hand calculation, but for a complex, it is very hard to solve by hand. There a computer with software or scientific calculator is required. In addition to that, a good mathematical background is must for the civil engineering student. Sometimes knowledge of engineering mechanics is also essential to solve the civil related problems. Students may not be well acquainted with every subject. Sometimes they are good in one subject but incapable in another subject. Now problems which come to them may be required a combined knowledge of a different subject.  Sometimes they are not meeting up to the mark. The fundamentals of basic sciences, if weak then civil engineering students may face difficulties to solve the problem. Faculties are also played an important role for civil engineering students. Few teachers are unable to deliver their concept to the student. As a result, a student may not understand the subject which leads difficulties for a student to solve the exercises. Sometimes it may require for a student, an overall knowledge of all subjects, because when they are doing any project work or any thesis work. In project work or thesis work, sometimes a group of students involved.  So they need a proper coordination between them, sometimes they fail, which creates difficulties to deliver the project work in time. It may happen many times that teacher who is having knowledge in particular subject, is taking classes for a different subject. Specialised faculty should give lectures on the dedicated subject because he knows the subject very well rather than other. Students often face faculty, who is not acquainted with the subject upon which he is giving a lecture. These professor are unable to deliver the speech properly, which misleads concepts developed within the students. Obviously while solving problem students are getting difficulties. Another difficulty is that in the course work times spent for each subject is insufficient. Sometimes unable to complete the course work by the faculty. Often it can be noticed that within a semester students have to cover six to seven subjects. So time spent on each topic is very less. So they are unable to complete all the chapter for each topic. Faculties are also giving pressure on theory based lecture rather than solving mathematical exercises which may not crack the purpose for students.

To overcome difficulties faced by a student in civil engineering problems needs sincere study habits, strong fundamental in science subjects, practice, good mathematics background, good coordination, good interaction between teacher and student. Apart from that, knowledgeable faculty, who can transfer their knowledge correctly to the students, is essential. Faculties must concentrate on solving mathematical problems rather than theory. It helps the civil engineering students to develop their problem-solving skills. More project works will help the students to develop their practical senses, which requires for their professional career. Students must solve the examples as well as exercises given in the books. Sufficient study habits should be there for any student. More concentration is required while teachers or professors are giving a lecture in the class; it will help a student to understand the subject as it should be. Students must interact within themselves while studying. Confidence will build up when students will do more practical work because it creates interest on the subject. Students must go through different papers available in the different journal which will update their knowledge. Students must go through, the surprise test, class test which are taken by professor. Periodically, giving these tests by the student will help them for facing any difficulties. Engineering graduates must have open-ended problem-solving skills which were formalised by many organisers.

 "Practice makes a man perfect", this proverb is best applicable for any engineer. Difficulties can be reduced by practising problems. Difficulties are always there while solving the problems, but we need to find the way by which we can reduce our complications. A positive attitude will always help a student to overcome any type of difficulty.

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