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Importance of Solid works Course

In the engineering world, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) are extremely important and widely used to design and analysis of the development of products to be used by consumers.CAD software's mainly focus on creation and modification of design of products. It increases the productivity of the designer, improves the design quality, improves proper communications through documentation, saves design data and drawings, makes easy to modify the drawings and to create a database for manufacturing. CAE deals with engineering analysis tasks which include Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Multi body dynamics (MBD), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and optimization. CAE software's enabling to decrease product development cost and time at the same time which improves the safety, comfort, and durability of the product. The predictive capability of CAE software has progressed to the peak where most of the design verification is now done using computer simulations rather than physical prototype testing.

CAD and CAE software tools revolutionized the modern day engineering. This knowledge has become hot commodity for those employing engineers, because of its benefits in the engineering workplace. All engineers must become familiar with three major engineering actives namely 2D drafting, 3D modeling and FEA analysis by learning different software tools. But this training program seeks to provide some basic knowledge of aforesaid all engineering activities by learning a single software tool named as solid works (version 2014).In this regard, the training has been proposed to three modules which are Module I (2D Drafting), Module II (3D Modeling and Assembly) and Module III (FEA Analysis). Each Module contains practical session which allows all the participants to work out the examples individually.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Solid works problems

In the early days of engineering design, the challenge of communicating designs from one mind to another has been manifest. Engineering drawings are the most basic form which has been used as tools to convey all needed information about a design from the engineers who designed a part to the workers who will make it. For centuries, all engineering drawing was done manually by using pencil and pen on paper or other substrate.

Today, the mechanics of engineering drafting task have largely been automated and accelerated due to advent of computer-aided design (CAD).It has been done more and more in the electronic medium with each passing decade. There are two types of computer-aided design systems used for the production of engineering drawings that are two dimensions (2D) and three dimensions (3D).
Solid works software is basically a three dimensional modeling software which can be used to produce the geometry of the part; designing the components. This tool gives fundamentals for mechanical designers to rapidly sketch ideas, experiment with features and dimensions and produce models and detailed drawings

Students may face some difficulties while using the solid works software in order to solve real time problems in particular with a way to use the number of features which are made available in solid works for solving such problems. The lack of visualization of components makes the beginners to spend much time in creating real components.
Few topics covered in Solid works problems

Some useful features of Solid Works are:

•  Sketching, Part modelling and Assembly
•  Real visualization of components
•  Automatic generation of 2D drawings from 3D
•  Motion analysis
•  FEA analysis

Sketching in solid works is the very basic for creating features, the features are the basis for the creating parts and further the parts can be used for making assembly drawings. Sketching of any technical drawing is possible in solid works using different drawing commands like line, circle, arc, rectangle, polygon and ellipse in addition to the editing commands like offset, trim, mirror, move and copy.

Part modeling in solid works defines 3D representation of a single design component. The part modeling can be done using various features available in solid works like extrude boss, revolve boss, sweep boss, lofted boss, extrude cut and revolve cut etc.
Most of the part modeling is initially started with extrude boss or revolve boss and further the solid works reveals other features to use for specific design of components. Real visualization of components can be achieved by applying using the feature called apply scene which gives the reality of the objects appearance.

The automatic generation of 2D drawings from 3D part is developed with the use of make drawing from part option which displays different views of the 3D part such as front view, top view and side view etc.

Motion studies of various engineering components are possible in solid works which includes rotary motion, spring motion and cam motion. Animation of all components can be played and saved as video format.

Finite element method of engineering analysis task is done in solid works by activating add in option which facilitates to perform various analysis such as static, thermal, frequency, buckling, drop test, fatigue, pressure vessel design, nonlinear and linear dynamic analysis. It is significant to follow different procedure for each type of analysis so as to ensure the accuracy of the result obtained by the respective analysis.

The selection of engineering material plays a vital role in the FEA analysis leading to very close approximate when compare to the analytical method. It is also important to apply proper restraints or fixtures for the analysis for which solid works provide different fixtures like fixed geometry support, roller support, fixed hinged support, elastic support, bearing fixture support and advanced fixtures which allows to apply specific restrains.

The types of loads applied for the analysis are required to be specific. It is possible to apply different types of loads in solid works which includes force, torque, pressure, gravity force, bearing force and centrifugal force.

The mesh types used in solid works are standard mesh; curvature based mesh and advanced mesh. Advanced mesh type permits to perform both draft quality mesh and Jacobean point's methods of various points of 4, 16 and 29 in addition to the nodal points. The result of the analysis can be obtained using report option which gives the report in word format.

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