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Importance of Manufacturing Engineering Course

Manufacturing engineering subject has been included in academic curriculum of mechanical engineering students as it is considered as one of the basic subject. The term manufacturing refers the process of converting a raw material into finished product used by the customer. It is generally employed with man- machine system of division in a large scale production. Manufacturing engineering deals with various manufacturing science and practices which includes the research, design and development of systems, processes, machines, tools and equipments. This field of study further includes the integration of different facilities and system for the production of quality products with optima expenditure with relevant principles and manufacturing system studies such as mass production, lean manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, just in time manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing etc. Manufacturing engineers can be able to develop and create physical objects, production processes and technology. Manufacturing engineering comes under industrial engineering or industrial systems engineering.

The recent technological advancement is further expanded its application related to the computer numerical control machine tools and automated systems of production. The modern manufacturing engineering which includes all intermediary processes required for the production and integration of product components. Automation is used in different processes of manufacturing like machining and welding. Automated manufacturing deals with the application of automation to produce products in a factory. Robots are playing major role in automation of manufacturing processes to perform tasks that are dangerous, unpleasant and repetitive. Most of the manufacturing companies employ assembly lines of robots and some companies are fully robotized.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Manufacturing engineering problems

Identification of right manufacturing process for the specific product is the important problem encountered by the students while learning manufacturing engineering subjects. General manufacturing processes are casting processes, welding process, machining process and forming process. Depending upon the application of the product, the manufacturing processes can be selected. Selection of these manufacturing processes has to under various procedures so as to meet the requirement of the product development. Further, the recent development in manufacturing sector brings skill gap between academic and industrials demands. Many manufacturing companies in particular with industrialized nations have started to incorporate computer aided engineering (CAE) program into the existing design and analysis processes as it has number of benefits which makes the process easier to visualize and create virtual assemblies of parts. Product life cycle management tools and analysis tools have been used in manufacturing sectors to perform complex simulations which all give greater challenges for the students while solving manufacturing engineering problems.

Few topics under Manufacturing engineering problems

The common manufacturing problems encountered in casting process can be solved by the proper control of manufacturing cycle and proper foundry techniques. Shrinkage defect in casting is a depression on the casting surface which can be avoided by proper solidification, pouring the metal at the correct temperature, modifying gating, and runner and riser system. Below holes problems are formed on the inside the cast product which can be removed by the control of moisture content, control of binder content and providing sufficient vent holes. Swell is the enlargement problem of the casting product due to soft ramming, quick pouring of molten metal and improper support of the mould that can be reduced by pouring with a correct velocity and providing adequate support to the mould.

Hot spot is an important defect which makes the surface of the product hard. This hot spot problem is removed through uniform cooling process and pouring molten metal at correct temperature. The crack appears on the corner of the casting due to the sharp corners of the cast product can be avoided by providing taper or round corners.

Most of the problems encountered in casting manufacturing engineering process can also be reduced by the non-destructive inspection techniques such as visual inspection, pressure test, magnetic particle inspection, dye-penetrate inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection and thermograph inspection.

Welding is another important manufacturing engineering process which under goes the product defects such as incomplete fusion, crater cracks, porosity, undercut, arc blow, slag inclusion and spatter .The remedial action to be taken for incomplete fusion are increasing welding current and lower travel speed, reducing deposition rate and increase travel speed, increasing joint included angle and proper positioning of electrode or torch of weld.

Crater cracks can be avoided through moving back the electrode to fill-up the crater, with root pass welding and increasing crater fill time on power source. The porosity is commonly caused the present of moisture content in stored electrodes or fluxes, humid shielding gas or leaks in water-cooled welding torch. This porosity problem can be solved by means of using fresh welding consumables, connect new gas bottles, checking welding torch for leaks, making dry or clean plate edges, increasing welding gap and applying butt joints instead of fillet or overlap welds. Under cut problems in welding arises due to the high arc voltage, incorrect electrode use or electrode angle and high travel speed. The remedial action for under cuts are lowering the arc voltage, reducing arc length, applying electrode angle of 300 to 450 with a standing leg weld lightly trailing and using a smaller diameter of electrode.

Arc blow problem is caused by the arc deflection as a result of magnetic effects into the opposite direction of the earth lead clamp than can be avoided through the use of an AC electrode and try welding away from the earth clamp connection and connect to both sides of the joint.

Slag inclusions are due to the slag runs ahead of the weld, insufficient de-slogging between passes, convex passes producing slag pockets and unfavorable bead sequence. This slag inclusions are reduced by means of increasing the travel speed or electrode angle, removing slag slag carefully, avoiding sharp angles or grooves between beads and layers, planning bead sequence and applying stringer bead technique.

Spatter defects are caused by incorrect polarity and insufficient gas shielding which can be reduced by checking the use of correct polarity and the type of shielding gas used, gas flow rate and cleaning the gas nozzle.

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