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The Medical education is education related to practice of being a medical practitioner; either initial training to become a physician (i.e., the medical school and the internship), the additional training thereafter (e.g., the residency and the fellowship), or the training to become a Physician Assistant. The Medical education and the training varies considerably across world. The various teaching methodologies have been utilized in the medical education, which is an active area of the educational research.


The Entry-level medical education programs are the tertiary-level courses undertaken at a medical school. Depending on the jurisdiction and the university, these may be either undergraduate-entry, or the graduate-entry programs (mainly the Canada, Australia, the United States).

In general, the initial training is taken at the medical school. Traditionally the initial medical education is divided between the preclinical and the clinical studies. The former consists of basic sciences such as the anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, pharmacology. The latter consists of teaching in various areas of the clinical medicine such as the internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics and the psychiatry, gynecology and the surgery. However, the medical programs are using the systems-based curricula in which the learning is integrated, and several institutions do this. In United States, until the quite recently, requirements for M.D. degree did not include even one course in the human nutrition. Today, this omission has been rectified; at least to extent that one such the course is required.


Following completion of the entry-level training, the newly graduated doctors are often required to undertake a period of the supervised practice before the full registration is granted; this is most often of one-year duration and may be referred to as an "internship" or the "provisional registration" or the "residency".

Further training in a particular field of the medicine may be undertaken. In some jurisdictions, this is commenced immediately following the completion of the entry-level training, while the other jurisdictions require the junior doctors to undertake the generalist training for a number of the years before commencing the specialization.

The education theory itself is becoming an integral part of the postgraduate medical training. The formal qualifications in education are also becoming norm for the medical school educators, who are more and more accountable for their students.


The Continuing medical education (CME) refers to a specific form of the continuing education (CE) that helps those in medical field maintain the competence and learn about the new and the developing areas of their field. These activities may take place as live events, online programs, written publications, video, audio or the other electronic media. The Content for these programs is reviewed, developed and delivered by the faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas. Similar to t process used in the academic journals, any potentially conflicting the financial relationships for the faculty members must be both disclosed and resolved in the meaningful way. However, the critics complain that drug and the device manufacturers often use their financial sponsorship to bias the CMEs towards marketing their own products.


It is becoming more and more general for the medical education around world to be supported by the online teaching, typically within  the learning management systems (LMSs) or the virtual learning environments (VLEs).

Research areas into the online medical education include the practical applications with the virtual patients and the virtual medical records.

1)Dental Anatomy Software

2)Virtual Dental Patients

The Virtual Dental Patients is a combination of the systems and the methods that read digital medical records and create the three-dimensional image simulations. This computerized method gives an accurate representation of surface anatomy of the hard and the soft tissues, the tooth contacts, and the motion of patient's jaw while the teeth are in contact. The Virtual Dental Patients offers the valuable information in the prognosis, diagnosis and the outcome assessment of patient's dental health. This invention represents the  paradigm shift in the clinical measurement for the dentistry.

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