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Understanding Tax Returns Assessment - Prepare tax returns for individuals

To complete these activities you are required to:

a) Conduct independent research and analysis of relevant Tax Law.

b) Access the most up to date information on the Australian Taxation Office website.

c) Look up specific information about unusual items.

d) Collate and analyse the individual data / documents provided.

e) Calculate tax payable or refund amounts.

Note: You will be using tax rates and legislation for the 2015/16 tax year, so use the tax tables provided in the workbook.

Assessment Task Part A - Deductions

Refer to the section 3 of the Understanding Tax Returns workbook to assist you with answering the following questions.

Q1. Ben works as a salesman and purchased a 1.8 litre motor vehicle on 30 November in the current tax year for $23,750.

He kept a log book showing that he travelled 11 230 km. Of those kilometres, 7490 were for client visits.

During the financial year he incurred the following expenses related to the vehicle and kept the necessary receipts;


$2 879









Interest on loan


Parking & Tolls


Depreciation/Decline in value


Q1A. Show calculations for both methods.

Q1B. Use the work related car expenses calculator on the ATO website for the 2015/16 tax year.

Q1C. Explain to Ben which method he would be better off applying and why?

Q1D. What code should be entered at D1 - Work related car expenses.

Q2. Fiona purchased compulsory uniform that cost her $180 and washed the uniform three times a week for 48 weeks as a separate wash. Fiona has not kept receipts and would like to know the maximum amount she can claim.

Q2A. What amount will Fiona claim? Show your workings.

Q2B. What code should be entered at D3?

Q3. Kelly is employed as an accountant. In order to improve her skills and gain a promotion, she has enrolled in a course to obtain membership of a professional accounting body. During the year Kelly incurred the following expenses below (all receipts kept).

Q3A. Determine if the expenses are (a) deductible and (b) identify the category.



a. deductible

b. Category

Course fees




Cost of Computers


Repair to computer


Child Care




Car travel expenses  home-college-home (cents per km method)


Decline in Value - Computer


Q3B. Transfer the amounts to each category.

Q4. What is the total amount Kelly can claim at Self-education expense?

Q4A. Use the work related self-education calculator on the ATO website for the 2015/16 tax year.

Q4B. Complete D4 of the tax return and select the code that best describes Kelly's self-education expenses.

Q5. What is the formula used to calculate decline in value using the diminishing value method where an asset was acquired after 10 May 2006?

Q6. What is the formula used to calculate decline in value using the prime cost method?

Q7. Using the formulas above calculate the decline in value for the following assets which are all used 100% for work.


Date purchased


Effective life


Air Conditioner


$  2,345


Diminishing Value

Motor Vehicle




Diminishing Value



$  1,235


Prime Cost



$  2,689


Diminishing Value



$  3,265


Prime cost

Q7A. Show workings and ignore cents.

Q7B. Use the decline in value calculator on the ATO website to calculate the Motor Vehicle amount claimable for the 2015/2016 tax year.

Assessment Task Part B - Other Assessable Income

Refer to Section 5 of the Understanding Tax Returns workbook to assist you with answering the following questions.

Q8. Kevin owns a butcher shop and he has a partner and two children, Alana who is 14 and Michael who is 12.

During the income year he has taken some stock but has not kept records. Kevin would like to know if he needs to declare stock taken for personal use as income.

Q8A. What advice would you provide Kevin?

Q8B. What is the amount that Kevin must include on his tax return as other business income? Show your workings.

Q9. Ben uses the simplified deprecation rules for his small business. The general pool has an opening balance of $5,200.

During the financial year Ben purchased the following assets.



Cost $

Effective Life Years

02 March 2016




01 August 2015




24 September 2015

Motor Vehicle



28 October 2015

Office equipment



Q9A. Complete the table.

General Pool


Rate claimable

Total claimable

Opening balance

Immediate deduction


Q9B. What is the total amount Ben can claim for the current financial year?

Q9C. What is the closing pool balances for the general pool as of 30 June? Show your workings.

Q9D. What advice would you provide Ben so that he can claim the maximum deduction for the future?

Q10. Case study - Business Income

Vincent Wong, a resident taxpayer runs a Greengrocer business which supply fruits and vegetables to local restaurants.

Vince is married and has a son who is 15 years old and a daughter 2 years old. He has taken some supplies home from the stock but has not kept records of how much they have used.

Vince has provided the following information for the year ending 30 June 2016.


Cash sales $150,700

Cash received from debtors (accounts receivable) 39,750


Cash purchases $49,300

Payments to creditors (accounts payable) 21,000

Cash Drawings 3,500

Additional information:

  • Vince choses to use the Commissioner's (ATO) standard value to account for stock taken for his own consumption
  • All figures are net of GST where applicable
  • The taxpayer is a small business entity and he lodges returns on an accruals basis
  • Vince has chosen to account for the change in value of his trading stock, and has conducted a stocktake to determine the closing stock value(s).

Account balances were:


1 July 2015

30 June 2016










Q10A. Calculate credit sales and credit purchases for the financial year

Q10B. Calculate gross business income for the current financial year

Q11. Case Study - Foreign Income

Miley Cybil, an Australian resident aged 52, derived the following income during the current tax year.

Gross Salary - Australia (PAYG tax withheld $13,200) - $76,300

Gross rent - Spain 11,780

Miley also incurred the following deductions during the year:

Work-related deductions - 1,340

Rental deductions - 3,420

Miley paid Spain tax of $3,560 (included gross rental income from Spain amount) on the above rental transactions.

She was covered by adequate private health insurance.

Q11A. Calculate Miley's taxable income

Q11B. Calculate foreign income tax offset using the s.770-75(4) assumptions.

Q11C. Calculate Miley's tax payable including tax credits and offsets for the current tax year.

Assessment Task Part C - ATO Tax Audit Enquiries

Refer to section 7 of the Understanding Tax Returns workbook, the Australian Tax Office website and Tax Practitioners Board to assist you with answering the following questions

Q12. What are some of the changes that have come in effect in the 2015/16 tax year that an individual taxpayer should be aware of?

Q13. What are some of the changes that will come in effect in the following tax year?

Q14. Registered tax agents are the only people allowed to charge a fee to prepare and lodge a taxpayer's income tax return.



Q15. Income tax returns must be lodged 31 October following the end of the year of income for individuals unless the taxpayer uses a tax agent.

Q16. In following scenarios discuss obligations and responsibilities of the tax agent and /or any Code of Professional Conduct issues under the Tax Agent Services Act (TASA) and Tax Agent Services Regulations (TASR).

Q16A. A tax agent spent very little time with clients which resulted in the tax agent not explaining to clients the documentary evidence required for substantiation, clients being asked to sign blank tax returns and many tax returns having the same claims.

Q16B. Sammy a registered tax agent. His major client (family friend) will have to pay a very large bill if the return prepared by Sammy is lodged. The client tells Sammy to use whatever methods he can to reduce the bill. Sammy noticed that purchases of trading stock amount of $42,000 and he decided to claim it twice. The client tells Sammy "don't worry; I'll take all responsibility" After the assessment issued, the ATO advised Sammy that there will be an audit on the client's tax return. Does Sammy have any cause for concern?

Q17. An assessment cannot be amended more than once.



Q18. What is the difference between an audit and review?

Q19. A Private Ruling is a written expression of the Commissioner's opinion about the way a tax applies.



Q20. Taxpayers have no right of objection against a Public Ruling.



Q21. Taxpayers who fail to meet their tax obligations may be liable for penalties and interest charge.



Q22. What are the three necessary criteria for the anti-avoidance provisions of Part IVA ITAA36 to apply?

Q23. Matt Fang disagrees with his assessment for the tax year 30 June 2015 and wishes to object.

Q23A. Identify the error

Q23B. Where would you go to seek advice to evaluate and moderate the ATO Notice of Assessment?

Q23C. Explain to Matt the objection process including any timeframe.

Q24. When and why may a taxpayer be liable for a penalty or an interest charge?

Assessment Task Part D - Prepare an Individual Tax Return

Refer to the Understanding Tax Returns workbook and also the Australian Tax Office website to assist you with answering the following Case Study- (See an example Section 8 of the workbook)

Q25. Case Study: Complete Form I- Tax return for Individuals using the following information:

Ms. Elise Lee, an Australian resident- date of birth is 25/8/1958 and TFN 123 456 999. Elise's home address is 21 Simpson Road WEST HOXTON NSW 2171 however since her last return she has moved and her previous address was 34 Dunston Avenue HINCHINBROOK NSW 2169. Her phone number is 0407 123 456 and email address Elise's bank details; BSB 062 786 A/C number 123456

Elise Lee has provided the following information:

Elise worked as a store manager (24 weeks in the tax year) and retired 19 December in the current tax year. Elise received lump sum payments and also received a Government Age Pension during part of the tax year.

Elise's income details:


Pay As You Go Payment Summary - Individual non-business

Gross Payments                           

$37,630(Tax withheld  $10,580)

Reportable FBT Amount   


Lump Sum A                    

$5,000 (Tax withheld  $ 350)

Lump Sum B

$3,980 (only 5% assessable)

Allowances - Meal allowance

$288 (Overtime Meal  Allowance- paid under an award)


65 111 177 778

Other Income:

  • A Superannuation Lump Sum Payment of $115,000 from the death of her spouse
  • Interest from a joint savings account $3,780
  • Dividends - franked amount $550 and franking credits $235
  • Received Government Newstart Allowance - $6842


Work Related Car and Travel Expenses: During the current tax year Elise used her car for private and for work travel.

Odometer reading:

  • Beginning 98120
  • Ending 117249

She has kept a Log Book and provided the following information related to her kilometres travelled and expenses during the tax period.

Kilometres travelled


Home > work > Home

6420 km

Work related travel 

7200 km

Private use

4759 km


750 km

She has provided the following car expenses (all receipts kept)











Car wash


Parking Fees and Tolls           


Other Deductions (all receipts kept) -

  • During the year she purchased 3 black pants which cost $120 each. She was provided with logo shirts which she washes twice a week separately and also paid $50 for dry cleaning (pants).
  • Elise has a home office which she spends 2hrs every weekday working from home. Her internet costs $50 per month and she estimates that she uses 20% for work purposes.
  • Phone costs $80 per month and work usage 40% Donation of $505 to World Vision.
  • Paid her Tax agent $115 for the preparation of her previous year tax return.
  • Elise spent $19.50 per week on meals when she worked overtime (she has no receipts).


Q25A. Explain to Elise any Income that is NOT assessable

Q25B. Explain to Elise any Deductions NOT allowable

Q25C. Show your workings for all allowable deductions (remember she only worked 24 weeks).

Q25D. Complete the Form I - tax returns for individuals using the information given above.

Q25E. Calculate Elise's Taxable Income and Net Tax Payable/Refund (Including any offsets, tax credits and Medicare levy for the current tax year).

26. Role Play - Discuss and confirm documentation with client

Contact the College to arrange to "role play" for the following case study. The following checklist can be used to help you prepare.

You are the tax agent and you have prepared the tax return for Elise Lee (at Q25). Discuss the following:

  • Any amounts not declared on tax return.
  • Medicare levy payable and any offsets applicable.
  • Elise taxable payable/ refund amount.
  • Lodgement requirements - including signatures and authorisation requirements.
  • Processing time including amendments.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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