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problem 1) What do you know about  the major fiscal functions.

problem 2) prepare down the objectives of Taxation?

problem 3) prepare a detailed note on progressive taxation.

problem 4) What do you mean by Optimal Tax Structure?

problem 5) describe the principles of Federal Finance.

problem 6) prepare down the merits and demerits of deficit financing.

problem 7) prepare down the principles of public debt management?

problem 8) prepare a brief note on pricing policy of public enterprises?

problem 9) describe the benefits and effects of public expenditure.

problem 10) Describe the incidence of Taxation in the case of direct taxes.

problem 11) Describe the financial relations between Centre and States.

problem 12) describe the sources and effects of public borrowings?

problem 13) Describe the role of public enterprises in developing countries.

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