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Based on the information given, you are to complete a 2011 Form 1040 and any supporting schedules/forms for Dave and Amy Smith. You don’t need to prepare a state tax return. You can prepare this assignment manually or by using tax software. If you prepare the return manually, you should type (not handprepare) your entries. You might find the form instructions helpful in completing this assignment. You can access the forms and instructions at the IRS website, Please give a list of assumptions you make, if any. I will grade your return subject to any reasonable assumptions listed. You don’t need to compute AMT.

Amy R. and David T. Smith are married and live at 123 Main Street, Stafford, VA 22554. Dave is self-employed as a web developer and Amy is a commercial refrigeration sales representative.

1) David builds and maintains web applications for a number of clients. He does a majority of his work from his home office; however he frequently drives to the client site to meet with his clients. Occasionally, he meets with his clients in his home office. David’s home office occupies 400 square feet of their 4,000 square foot home. The home was built at a cost of $350,000 on a lot formerly acquired for $75,000. The Smiths moved to the home on May 10, 2008. As to business use, depreciation has been based on MACRS. Besides home mortgage interest and property taxes, residence expenses for 2011 are summarized as:

Utilities                            $4,200
Cleaning service                2,400
Home security system        1,200
Homeowner’s insurance       2,100
Repair to drywall in office    750

Additionally, David has office supplies expense of $800 and a dedicated phone line at a cost of $600. For use in his business, David purchased a laptop for $2,500 on August 4th and a printer for $400 on March 7th. Apart from for his vehicle, David opts to maximize his depreciation deductions whenever possible.

2) On May 9th, David paid $34,500 (comprising sales tax) to purchase a used Audi A8 that he uses 90% of the time for business. No trade-in was included. David employs the actual operating cost technique to find out his tax deduction. His expenses relating to the A8 are as shown:

Gasoline                        $2,800
Auto insurance               1,250
Interest on car loan         750
Oil changes                    425
Traffic violations              350
License and registration    150
Parking                           90
Tolls                               75

David drove the Audi 13,500 miles for business and 1,500 personal use miles.

3) Most of David’s clients are local. Though, a few of his clients require out of town travel. He incurred $2,500 of airfare, $1,570 in lodging and $1,313 in meals associating to the business trips. Additionally, David paid for $630 for business dinners with some prospective clients.
4) David as well incurred the given business expenses during 2011.

Contribution to Keogh plan                                                                   $8,000
Premiums on medical insurance for family (spouse and children)                   4,500
Premiums on disability insurance policy (AFLAC)                                        2,400
Birthday gift for unpaid intern ($35 box of chocolates and $3 gift wrap)        38

5) Amy earns $35,000 working part time. As a result, she is not eligible to participate in her employer’s retirement plan or health insurance program. Amy’s expenses are summarized as shown:

a) Contribution to traditional IRA        $4,000
b) Membership dues                         120
c) Subscription to trade magazine       90
d) Amy drives her Chevy Tahoe 1,135 miles for job-related use. She purchased the car in 2010 for $25,000. Amy employs the automatic mileage technique for calculating any available deduction for business use of the car.

6) The Smiths have supported Ron Smith, David’s widowed father, for some years, suitably claiming him as a dependent for tax purposes. On December, 27 2010, Gene suffered a massive stroke. The doctors did everything they could for Ron; however he died in the ICU on January 8, 2011. The Smiths paid the given expenses on behalf of Ron: $11,800 medical ($6,000 incurred in 2010 and $5,800 in 2011) and $5,300 funeral. Such expenses were paid in January and February 2011. Ron’s will name David as executor and sole heir of the estate.

7) The Smiths decided to convert Ron’s home to a furnished rental house. After some minor repairs (touching up the paint, replacing screens, pressure-washing), the property was advertised for rent in the classified section of the local newspaper on March 1, 2011. The repairs cost $720 and the newspaper ad was $360. Based on reconstructed records and appraisal estimates, information regarding the property is as shown:

                                   Original Cost    FMV 1/8/11
House                           $40,000          $220,000
Land                             10,000            50,000
Furniture and Appliances   21,000            14,000

8) Ron’s former residence was rented almost instantly, with occupancy commencing April 1, 2011, under the given terms: one-year lease; $2,400 per month; first and last month’s rent in advance; $2,000 damage deposit; and lawn care, however not utilities, involved. The tenant complied with all terms apart from that the December rent payment was not made until January 1, 2012. Expenses in connection with the property were as shown: Property taxes, $2,600; repairs $320; lawn maintenance $540; insurance, $1,800 and street paving assessment $2,100. The property is situated at 549 Columbus Street, Stafford, VA 22554.

9) One month before she died on April 14, 2002, Barbara Gent (Amy’s aunt) gave Amy a coin collection. Based on the careful records that Barbara kept, the collection had a cost basis of $9,000 and a fair market value of $18,000 at the time Barbara passed away. On February 19, 2011, The Smith residence was burglarized and the coin collection was stolen. The Smiths filed a claim for $24,000 (the present value of the collection) with the carrier of their homeowner’s insurance policy. All they were capable to collect, though, was $5,000, which was the maximum amount allowed for valuables devoid of a special rider.

10) Additionally to those previously noted, the Smiths’ receipts during 2011 are summarized below.

a.    Payments to David for services rendered            $120,000
b.    Income tax refunds for tax year 2010
i.    Federal                                                         1,000
ii.    State                                                           120
c.    Interest Income
i.    Virginia general purpose bonds                          1,400
ii.    IBM corporate bonds                                      1,200
iii.    Certificate of deposit                                     800
d.    Qualified dividends                                         750
e.    Cash gifts from David’s sister                           24,000
f.    David’s net state lottery gains (winnings $1,000; losses $900)    100

11) On June 2 and 3, 2011, the Smiths held a garage sale to dispose of discarded furniture, appliances and so on. The proceeds were $9,500. The estimated basis of the items sold is $25,500. All were personal use property.

12) Expenses during 2011, not mentioned elsewhere, are as shown:

a.    Medical
i.    Copayment for medical expenses                                $1,300
ii.    Dental (orthodontist)                                               1,200
b.    State sales tax                                                       1,120
c.    Property taxes on personal residence                          3,800
d.    Interest on home mortgage reported on Form 1098        4,200

The Smiths’ medical insurance doesn’t cover dental services. The Smiths pledge contributions of $1,200 per year to their church. In 2011, they paid the pledges for 2010-2012. Throughout 2011, The Smiths drove the Tahoe 320 miles for medical purposes and 170 miles for charitable purposes.

13) The Smiths encompass two children who live with them: Sandy and Judy. Both are full-time students. Sandy is an accomplished singer and made $4,200 throughout the year performing at special events. Sandy deposits her earnings in a savings account intended to help cover future college expenditures.

14) The Form W-2 Amy receives from her employer reflects wages of $35,000. Proper amounts for Social Security and Medicare taxes were deducted. Income tax withholdings were $1,320 for Federal and $1,056 for state. The Smiths made quarterly tax payments of $3,500 for Federal and $1,000 for state on each of the given dates: April 15, 2011; June 15, 2011; September 15, 2011; and January 15, 2012. Relevant Social Security numbers are given below:

Name                  SSN               DOB
David Smith    111-11-1111    06/06/1969
Amy Smith      123-45-6789    08/14/1970
Ron Smith       987-65-4321    03/12/1934
Sandy Smith    222-33-4444    09/13/1993
Judy Smith      555-66-7777    07/20/1991

15) While on a business trip to Texas, David attended a mortgage foreclosure auction. At the auction (held on February 4, 1999), he acquired an abandoned sugarcane farm near Pearland. David financed most of the $30,000 purchase. In view of expansion trend in nearby Houston, he regarded the purchase as a good investment. Early in 2011, David was contacted by a Houston real estate developer who offered $250,000 for the property. Horrified at the view of a large taxable gain, David ultimately arranged for an exchange transaction by written notice on May 10. In exchange for some vacant lots on Padre Island, Texas, worth $240,000 and cash of $10,000, David transferred the property to the developer. The exchange took place at an attorney’s office in Houston on June 20, 2011.

16) On May 9, 1997, David’s father gave him 400 shares of Tango Corporation common stock as a birthday present. The stock had cost his father $16,000 ($40/share) and was worth $20,000 on the date of the gift. In 2007, when the stock was worth $140/share, Tango declared a 2-for-1 stock split. On July 27, 2011, David sold 400 shares for $20,000 ($50/share).

17) On March 2, 2009, Amy was contacted by the Laura Jones, a former college roommate. Over lunch, Laura asked Amy for a loan of $6,000 to help finance a new venture. Since the venture sounded interesting, Amy made the loan. Laura signed a note due in two years at 10% interest. In late 2011, Amy learned that Laura had disappeared after being charged with grand theft by New Mexico authorities. Even worse, Laura was wanted in Arkansas for parole violation from a prior felony conviction. Laura has never paid any interest on note.

18) The Smiths have a long-term capital loss carryover of $10,000 from 2010.

19) On May 9, 2007, David’s uncle, Joe, gave him the family antique gun collection. Based on the family records and educated estimates, the collection had an adjusted basis to Joe of $4,200 and was worth $13,000 on the date of gift. Since Amy abhors guns, David has been under heavy pressure to get rid of the collection. After Joe died in early 2011, David donated the collection to the Colt Museum (a qualified charity). The transfer was made on December 5, 2011; at that time, several qualified appraisers valued the collection at $16,000. The museum plans to add the collection to the other firearms it exhibits to visitors.

20) While walking the dog in late December 2010, Amy was hit by an out-of-control delivery truck. The mishap sent Amy to the hospital for some days of observation and medical evaluation. Aside from harsh bruises, she suffered no permanent injury. Once apprehended, the driver of the truck was ticketed for DUI. The owner of the truck, a local distributor for a national brewery, was concerned regarding the adverse publicity that would result if Amy filed a lawsuit. As a result, it paid all of her medical expenses and offered her a settlement if she would sign a release. Under the settlement, Amy would receive $134,000 - $8,000 for loss of income and $126,000 for personal injury. On January 31, 2011, Amy signed the release and was instantly paid $134,000.

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