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Importance of chemistry in Academic Curriculum:

Chemistry is one of the important branch of sciences like other streams mathematics, physics biology etc

  • Chemistry involves matter and its interaction with one another.
  • The environment surrounds us involves chemistry like body metabolism, cooking food cleaning purposes,
  • Why the food gets rotten? Or how can it gets ripen? The answer involves chemical reaction of particles
  • So to get basic knowledge about the world we are living it is important to have chemistry as one of the subjects from higher grade even the student might not choose chemistry as his career.
  • Chemistry includes about medicines drugs etc. one should have the knowledge about the vitamins and minerals required to our body. Everyone should know the dosage of medicines for headache fever, body pains etc. to avoid harm to our body.

So the academic curriculum should be added with chemistry to higher and college grade students.

 Difficulties faced by a student while solving chemistry problems:

  • Generally student feels difficulty with chemistry due to lack of proper understanding of concepts. In this subject if a link miss in understanding the concept the result will completely change.

For example let us take two compounds with same molecular formula but different structure propanone and propanal.

Propanal Propanone

 Both have chemical formula C3H6O but they are two different compounds with different properties. So while studying this one should understand the concept completely and apply that accordingly.

  • Doing lab practicals is important in chemistry.
  • So practising the concept and check it practically will made the subject to be kept in mind.
  • In case of chemistry miracles won't happen overnight only a systematic way of learning will make subject experts.

To overcome the difficulty one should follow the following steps:

To avoid difficulty in chemistry and become subject friendly one should follow these steps

  • One should inculcate systematic learning. Every subtle point is important here.so continuous practising make the student familiar with the subject.
  • Careful understanding is important to avoid misconception.
  • Never build boundaries in reading the subject as it makes not to understand properly.
  • Whatever read in the book, try to visualise them in their memory. If that in case of topics like organic chemistry performing the experiment make the student memorize the subject easily

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The command on chemistry helps us to deal with current issue like news about petrol, pollution, environment safety, adulteration of food etc.

Graduates in chemistry have many doors open in several industries.

Learning chemistry teaches us how to be objective and analytical. We may apply these skills in other issues also.

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