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Physical Chemistry

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Importance of Physical Chemistry in Academic Curriculum

Physical chemistry plays significant role among all branches of chemistry as it inter links physics and mathematical applications with chemistry.  Basically chemistry involves many types of chemical reactions which should be in balanced form for the study of effect of temperatures, energy calculations, study of Kinetics and reaction mechanisms, yield of products etc.   All these studies cannot be furnished without stoichiometry.  It involves measurement of rates and mechanisms of Chemical reactions and position of chemical equilibria.  In many industrial processes, Lechatlier's principle is implemented for better profits and safety measures.  For example, in preparation of Ammonia by Haber's process, the suitable conditions are

  • Optimum temperature
  • High Pressure
  • Finely divided catalyst with promoter
  • Maintenance of concentration of reactants and Products

      All these conditions are recommended basing on Le Chatlier's principle which is the best applicable principle in most of the equilibrium reactions universally. Without the knowledge of these aspects no chemical industry will survive and all the topics mentioned above are related to Physical chemistry.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Physical chemistry problems

The physical basis for chemical structure, reactions and dynamics ultimately described by Quantum theory, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. For studying and understanding Physical chemistry a student needs a solid mathematical background along with basic physics fundamentals. Most of the students will start thinking the physical chemistry in quantitative manner and will try to memorize the topics without understanding the requisite concepts.  This approach leads to failing in application oriented topics like thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, chemical kinetics etc.  While attempting the problem part student has to gather all the formulae at one place and practice them perfectly.  In physical chemistry many topics are inter linked with one another therefore, after reading the given problem, thorough data analysis must be done. After attempting any problem one has to identify conversion factors like CGS, SI systems. Many students often commit this mistake of using wrong units and finally they end up in mess. Another most important factor is to identify the prerequisite topic before going in to the core chapter. For example, if a student is attempting to solve a problem in Stoichiometry, he/she should know about equivalent weights, oxidation states, valencies etc. Similarly while attempting Electro chemistry problems he must have some idea about thermodynamic principles and their concepts. Without practicing all this no one will be comfortable with physical chemistry.

Few topics to solve problems in physical chemistry

There are many topics in physical chemistry which are problem oriented. A few are listed below

Solutions: Molarity, Normality, Molality, Mole fraction, Equivalent weights, Colligative properties, Rault's Law, Henry's law, Osmotic pressure, Elevation of Boiling points, Depression of Freezing points etc.

Electro Chemistry: Electrolysis, Faradays I law, Faraday's II law, Molar Conductance, Equivalence Conductance, Kaulrausch's law, Nernst equation, Electrode potential calculations, Cell potential calculations, Equilibrium constant and Gibb's energy calculation by using Nernst equation.

Solid State: Bragg's equation and applications, Calculation of chemical formulae, BCC, FCC, Simple cube structural formulae, Radius, Density, Distance between nearest Neighbors calculations, Number of Tetrahedral voids, and octahedral voids.

States of matter: Gas law problems, Ideal gas equation,Vander Waals equation problems, Types velocities problems, Dalton's law, Graham's law etc.

Chemical Kinetics: Calculations on activation energies, Rate of reactions, order and Molecularity of reaction

Chemical Equilibrium: Equilibrium constant Kc and Kp calculations

Thermodynamics: Heat of reactions, Entropy, Enthalpy, Gibbs Energy

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Though there are many website related are available for a student feel that this is providing great support for preparation of all types of exams.  In general, many experts concentrate on quantity of the respective topics but no one will try to feed the concept to student at ease, this mywordsolution.com site has that unique feature. It has included explanation based exercises in almost all the topics of Physical chemistry, while presenting numerical data especiallyin Stoichiometry, Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics feel this website as a great advantage for me to address all students' queries. In this any student can easily access the changes made by their respective apex bodies with respect to syllabus changes. While preparing for an exam student feel confident enough after going through this writer support. It is very informative and handy for physical chemistry preparation. Most appreciating aspect of this company is, they are attending the problem of students with keen interest and carrying it to the related subject expert for an immediate solution. The subject experts are also providing additional reference support while preparing for national and international level examination   If a student is provided with a couple of practice tests, it will boost the confidence of the student before going for the final examination.  This type of practice tests will be available in these Websites. In these websites a subject expertsare show casing all their novel ideas and are giving maximum benefit to the students.

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Why us for your Physical Chemistry Projects?

Most of the physical chemistry projects are application oriented and thought provoking. Unless some support is given by the expert, it becomes difficult for any student to exhibit any project on his own.  This company is providing good platform for different types of novel projects on physical chemistry. Suppose if an expert has an idea of executing good project related to Electrochemistry, without web support it will not reach to the desired candidates for which there is a strong need of these websites. Student may get success on his own, but he excel in the subject with this type of exposure.

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