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Organic-Inorganic Chemistry

Importance of Organic/Inorganic chemistry

In daily Human life, most of the utilities either natural or synthetic are manufactured by using organic compounds only.  Human beings are so closely associated to the synthetic materials like, textile, furniture kitchen ware, pens, medicines, pesticides what not, which are all made up of organic compounds. Apart from this Pharma/Drug industry is completely organic compounds synthesis only.  As on today more than 10 million of organic compounds are identified/isolated/synthesized globally. The importance of organic chemistry is recognized a bit late due to its complexity and comparison with other branches of chemistry.  Drug industry is another vital field where several medicines like antiseptics, antibiotics, antialergitics, pain killers etc.  all are organic compounds.  Most of these drugs are water insoluble and body tissues will carry them easily to various parts of the body.  These organic drugs are less toxic and have more reach-ability to the affected area to target organs and also they ensure safe metabolism.  The beauty of organic compounds is most of them will have similar structures but vary in their therapeutic action on the body due to their stereo isomerism.  This property is seldom seen in other chemicals.  In diabetic patients, the sugar levels are analyzed by the functional groups like aldehydes and ketones which are targets of analysis.  If the number of these aldo and keto groups are more, the sugar levels will be high.  From this one can imagine the importance of organic chemistry in body diagnoses.  By estimating the levels of esters and carboxylic acid functional groups, cholesterol percentage can be calculated.  Most of the heart problems are due to high levels of cholesterol.  Food materials are mostly made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, lipids etc. Which are all organic compounds.  Detergents, soaps solvents all are organic compounds.  Precious diamond is nothing but allotrope of carbon.  All fuels likepetroleum, diesel, gasoline, kerosene are organic compounds.

      Organic chemistry has vast applications in many fields like medicine, pesticides, textiles, plastics, fuels sectors. From this it is very clear that how important organic chemistry is for human life.  The industry needs more and more organic chemists/Scientists to meet the demand of all these products.  For this quality students from secondary education itself.  Organic chemistry must be introduced so that they get interest and choose organic chemistry as one of their elective subjects and enter in to higher education too.  Without the knowledge of Inorganic chemistry no student can move forward in academics.  Periodic table is one of the most useful topic which explains about all the elements and their properties. If a student gets thorough knowledge on the properties of elements, he/she feels ease while attempting other branches in chemistry.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Organic/Inorganic chemistry problems

The common difficulties while solving organic chemistry problems is poor problem analysis.  Students will fail in analyzing the provided data.  If the structural data of the organic compound is not analyzed, the problem may not be clear for any student.  For this a student should be strong in n nomenclature and structures of organic compounds.  While calculating empirical or molecular formulae of either organic or inorganic compounds, a student should know the basic information like atomic weights and molecular weights and required formulae.  Practice is also required while solving problems.  A self-analysis of a given organic compound in three dimensional way is an added advantage for any student.  In organic chemistry named reactions and their mechanisms are most essential and are needed repeated practice.  Some question papers will give organic problems in the form of conversions.

Example:  A        →        B         →        C         →        C6H5OH

For solving this type of problems named reactions and conversions are essential.  In inorganic chemistry, hundreds of chemical reactions are there to be practiced and recalled at the time of examinations. Not only will this most of the students neglect practical knowledge which has to obtain by carrying experiments. Color changes, precipitate formations, neutralization reactions, suitable indicators for titrations are to be remembered while solving related problems. But students feel tough to read both these branches as they don't have the required basic knowledge.

Few topics to solve problems in Organic/Inorganic chemistry


  • Writing IUPAC names
  • Calculation of empirical and molecular formulae
  • Hybridization and bonding
  • Identifying functional groups
  • Calculation of Boiling and Melting points
  • Heat of reactions
  • Nomenclature problems
  • Calculation of number of stereoisomers
  • Identification of conjugation in dienes
  • Estimation of carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, percentage in given compound through quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds
  • Determination of concentration of given solution by volumetric analysis
  • Identification of cations and anions in given salts
  • Proximate analysis and Ultimate analysis

Live Organic/Inorganic Chemistry writer support 24X7 of mywordsolution

In this context finding many advantages for a student. Organic/Inorganic chemistry related topics are well explained with concept support.  All academic institutions will have to follow the scheduled syllabus.  All these apex bodies will revise syllabus once in 3 or 4 years. This web site will bring all the changes to students notice regularly which will be very useful. The revised syllabus will be circulated widely to all experts so that any expert can readily modify the text book exercises. If this type of expert write-ups are not available in the website, students like me may be misguided and we may lose some of the marks due to lack of knowledge on change in syllabus.  As per the requirement of the students, the concept presented in this write up is available on website so student can feel comfortable all the time.  If any question is posted in related topic this site will immediately will take the support for the related author for solutions.  At the time of preparation for examination, it will be very helpful for all enrolled students to quick browsing of the subject.  While preparing for objective examinations or entrance examinations, practice tests are useful me in Organic/Inorganic chemistry.. Include mostly numerical problems from physical chemistry. We the students are provided with a couple of practice tests, it will boost the confidence of the students before going for the final examination.  In these websites subject experts are show casing their entire novel ideas and giving maximum benefit to the students.

How may we help you?

As an individual teacher can reach to few hundreds of students in one local area.  But cannot reach to other states or countries how expert may be.  This will be a good platform for exposing expert teacher to help different students abroad as well.  Not only in terms of subject but also in terms of knowledge & earnings, this type of organizations will be helpful to both student and faculty.

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