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problem1. You bought a house 38 years ago at a cost of $31,000. Today, you sold that house for $670,000. What annual rate of return did you earn on this vehicle?

problem2. A company is anticipated to pay their first annual dividend 3 years from now. That payment will be $0.50 a share. Starting in year 4, the company will raise the dividend by 4% per year. The required rate of return is 12%. What is estimated value of this stock today?

problem3. A stock has required rate of return at 16%. The most recent dividend paid is $2.00 and the anticipated dividend growth rate is 10%. The first dividend anticipated to pay $2.20 at the end of the year. What's the estimated value of the stock? If the current trading price of stock on the stock market is $22.28 per share, what recommendation must we give to the stock?

problem4. The current price on a 46 inch flat panel LCD had TV is $2300. Big screen had TV prices have dropped at the average rate 9% per year in current years. If you anticipate this trend to continue, how much will this style of TV cost in 3 years?

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