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Based on the financial statements of a sample company, answer the following problems.

A. Make the 2012 statement of cash flows for company.

B. When the price-earnings ratio of the company is 2, what is firm's approximate market price per share? Best-recognized Profit Corporation Income Statement 2012 Sales $8,800 Less: Costs 5,600 Depreciation 900 EBIT 2,300 Less: Interest 350 EBT 1,950 Less: Taxes 550 Net Income $1,400 Dividends $900 Retained earnings $500 Balance Sheet Dec. 31, 2012 2011 2012 2011 Cash $170 $110 Accounts payable $135 $120 Accounts rec. 500 700 Notes payable 1,200 1,400 Inventory 1,240 1,000 Current liabilities 1,335 1,520 Current assets 1,910 1,810 Long-term debt 2,005 2,620 Fixed assets 2,000 3,500 Common stock 570 1170 (50 shares) Total assets $3,910 $5,310 Total liability and equity $3,910 $5,310.

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