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problem1. From the financial statements, we can look at particular performance areas of the company by choosing key pieces of information and analyzing this information.

a) At a point of time
b) Over a particular time horizon.
c) At a point in time or over a particular time horizon.
d) All of these

problem2. When a company is in financial difficulty and cannot fully pay all of its creditors, the first lenders to be paid are the.

a) Stockholders
b) Sinking fund holders.
c) Junior debt holders.
d) Senior debt holders.

problem3. Stocks are dissimilar from bonds because.

a) Stocks, unlike bonds, are major sources of funds.
b) Stocks, unlike bonds, represent residual ownership.
c) Stocks, unlike bonds, give owners legal claims to payments.
d) Bonds, unlike stocks, represent voting ownership.

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