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Task: Assume that a fund that tracks the S&P has mean E(Rm) = 16% and standard deviation M = 10%, and assume that the T-bill rate Rf = 8%. Answer the following problems about efficient portfolios:

a) What is expected return and standard deviation of a portfolio which has 125% of its wealth in the S&P, financed by borrowing 25% of its wealth at risk-free rate?

b) What are weights for investing in the risk-free asset and the S&P that produce a standard deviation for the whole portfolio that is twice the standard deviation of the S&P? What is the expected return on that portfolio?

c) Suppose investors' preferences are characterized by the utility function. What would be the optimal allocation, that is, the investment weights on S&P and T-bill, for an investor with a risk-aversion coefficient of A=4? What is the expected return and standard deviation of this optimal portfolio?

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