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problem) PDQ Corp. has sales of $4,000,000; the firm's cost of goods sold is $2,500,000; and its total operating expenses are $600,000. The firm's interest expense is $250,000, and the corporate tax rate is 40%. What is PDQ's net income?

    (a)$288,000               (b)$350,000             (c)$377,000                          (d)$390,000

problem) Li Retailing reported the following items for the current year: Sales = $3,000,000; Cost of Goods Sold = $1,500,000; Depreciation Expense = $170,000; Administrative Expenses = $150,000; Interest Expense = $30,000; Marketing Expenses = $80,000; and Taxes = $300,000. Li's net profit margin is equal to

    (a)25.67%.                   (b)35.67%.             (c)36.67%.                            (d)50.00%.

problem) What was the average annual rate of return on long-term government bonds (30-Year Treasury Bonds) during the period 1984 to 2008?

     (a)4.14%                     (b)5.88%               (c)6.89%                              (d)7.82%

problem) SRC has a debt ratio of .4, current liabilities of $18,000, and total assets of $100,000. What is the level of SRC's total liabilities?

      (a)$22,000                  (b)$40,000            (c)$58,000                           (d)$63,934

problem) A firm paid dividends of $10,000, paid interest of $20,000, reduced debt principal outstanding (paid off debt) in the amount of $100,000, and sold new stock for $150,000. What was the firm's cash flow from financing activities?

       (a) +$20,000 ($20,000 flowed into the firm)          (b) -$20,000 ($20,000 flowed out of the firm)

       (c) +$280,000 ($280,000 flowed into the firm)       (d)-$280,000 ($280,000 flowed out of the firm)

problem) Baron, Inc. has total current assets of $1,200,000; long-term debt of $600,000; total current liabilities of $500,000; and long-term assets of $800,000. How much is the firm's net working capital?

      (a) $1,000,000             (b)$900,000          (c)$600,000                        (d) $700,000

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