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problem 1:

Any development strategy should put people first; indeed, it’s extremely effectiveness should be measured in terms of how it impacts the poor.

(a) Illustrate out the link between development and poverty with reference to UNDP’s efforts to quantity these phenomena.

(b) What measures can a government take to ensure that the advantages of economic growth trickle down to the poor?
problem 2:

(a) What is endogenous growth theory and what are its policy implications?

(b) Do you think that endogenous growth theory can offer a good explanation of the Mauritian “economic miracle”? Discuss and describe fully with reference to the relevant observed literature.        

problem 3:

There is widespread belief that the procedure of globalization has largely bypassed Sub-Saharan Africa, leaving the sub-continent in a state of marginalization in world economy.

(a) Using the key indicators of globalization, and with reference to the observed literature, account for Africa’s “marginalization” in world economy.

(b) Discuss and describe briefly the factors that could have contributed to this state of marginalization.

(c) Outline and describe the policy measures that African governments should take to harness the benefits of globalization.
problem 4:

(a) What role does FDI play in the economic development?

(b) Discuss the measures that developing countries can take to attract greater FDI flows.
problem 5:

Despite the purported advantages of economic reforms, why are policymakers typically so reluctant to adopt them?

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