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problem1. Remi, Inc. has sales of $15 million, total assets of $9 million, and total debt of $3.7 million. If the profit margin is 7 percent what is net income? What is ROE? What is ROA?

problem2. Bobaflex Corporation has final inventory of $426,163 and cost of goods sold for the year just ended was $6,238,615. What is inventory turnover? The days’ sales in inventory? How long on average did a unit of inventory sits on the shelf before it was sold?

problem3. Rossdale, Inc. had additions to the retained earnings for the year just finished $575,000. The firm paid out $140,000 in cash dividends, and it has ending total equity of $7.3 million. If the company currently has 490,000 shares of common stock outstanding, what are earnings per share? Dividends per share? What is book value of each share? The price–earnings of each share? If the stock currently sells for $47 per share, what is the market-to-book ratio? The price-earnings ratio? If sum total sales were $15.4 million, what is the price-sales ratio?

Quesstion4. Bierce Furnishings made $2 million in sales throughout 2011, and its year-end total assets were $1.1 million. As well, at year-end 2011, current liabilities were $500,000, comprising $200,000 of notes payable, $200,000 of accounts payable, and $100,000 of accrued liabilities. Looking ahead to 2012, the company estimates that its assets should rise by $0.55 for every $1.00 rise in sales. Pierce's profit margin is 3%, and its retention ratio is 45%. How large of a sales rise can the company attain without having to increase funds externally?

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