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problem 1: Answer the given problems (any ten):

a) State the two objectives of Public distribution system.
b) Define the term agricultural economics.
c) State two obstacles in modernization of agriculture.
d) What do you mean by livestock productivity?
e) What do you mean by Farm Budgeting?
f) What do you mean by the term land reforms?
g) Define unorganized capital market.
h) What are regulated markets?
i) What are cropping pattern?
j) Define the term sustainable agriculture.
k) What do you mean by Agri-business?
l) What do you food security?
m) State two problems of marginal farmers.

problem 2: Answer the given problems in (any two):

a) Describe the nature of agricultural economics.

b) Describe the drawbacks of collective farming.

c) What do you mean by sustainable agriculture? Describe the contributing factors of sustainable agriculture.

d) State the nature of crop insurance.

problem 3: Answer the given problems (any two):

a) Describe the relation between agricultural development and environment problems.

b) Describe the role of land reforms in agricultural development.

c) What do you mean by terms of trade? Describe the nature of terms of trade between agricultural and non-agricultural prices.

d) Describe the role of Regional Rural Banks in rural credit.

problem 4: Answer the given (any two):

a) What do you mean by production function? Describe the laws of return with respect to size of Farm.

b) Critically assess the role of NABARD in agricultural credit. Propose the measures to enhance it.

c) What are the main objectives of agricultural price policy? Assess the agricultural price policy of government of your country.

d) Assess the impact of World Trade organization on agriculture.

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