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problem 1:

a) Define the term Quantitative Model?

b) A manufacturer of printed fabrics consists of thee machines, that prepare raw fabrics and five machines that print on it. Two type of printed fabric are produced. Type A need 3 minutes per meter to prepare and 6 minutes per meter to print. While Type B need 11 and 17 minutes per meter respectively. How much of each type of fabrics must be produced per hour in order to keep all the machines fully occupied?

problem 2:

a) Describe the method of Investment Evolution?

b) A new machine is expected to last eight years and to produce the annual savings of Rs. 23000/- What is its present value, allowing interest at 7% per annum.

problem 3: What are the transportation problems? Describe linear programming for transportation problem and the ways to minimize the combined production and transportation cost?

problem 4:

a) What do you understand by the term sensitivity analysis?

b) Describe:

• Conceptual Model
• Mathematic Model
• Algorithms and Application
• Time series analysis
• Linear analysis

c) prepare brief notes on:

• Factor Elasticity
• Technological Change
• Production and Productivity
• Fixed inputs and variable inputs
• Short run and long run.

problem 5: What do you mean by opportunity costs? Describe with the help of exs, what problems are faced in measuring such costs?

problem 6: Why do firms produce more than one product? What is the rule for profit maximization for a multi product firm?

problem 7: What general guidelines must a firm follow in appropriately estimating the net cash flow from an investment?

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