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problem 1)a) “Statistics are not mainly the records of the past but they are useful in the planning of future. Describe the statement and describe the role of statistics in economic planning.

b) The data given below is related to Industrial and Agricultural production of some years. Represent them in Multiple Bar Diagram.

Year:                                           1970    1971    1972     1973    1974
Industrial Production (Lacs):            8         10         13       18        20
Agricultural Prouctionn (Lacs):         5          8           10      14        15

problem 2)a) Determine the mode from the following:

Marks:           0-20    20-40     40-60    60-80    80-100    100-120    120-140
Frequency:       8          6           18         12          12            17             7

b) Draw Pie diagram from the following:

Item:                   Labour       Bricks      Cement   Steel      Wood     Supervision
Expenditure:              25          15          20          15           10           15

problem 3)a) Determine standard deviation, its co-efficient and co-efficient of variation:

C - I:                  0-8    8-16 16-24    24-32    32-40   40-44
Frequency:           15      17      28       21          14         5

b) What are sampling methods? Describe the probability and non-probability sampling:

problem 4)a) Determine co-efficient of correlation:

X:          23 27 28 29 30 31 33 35 36 39
Y:          18 22 23 24 25 25 28 29 30 32

b) Construct two regression equations from the following:

A :          15 18 25 35 40 32 35 42 50 6
B :          12 20 40 30 45 46 30 48 15 2

problem 5)a) Describe meaning and properties of probability.

b) Define with exs.

i) Event

ii) Sample Space

iii) Union of two events

problem 6)a) Describe properties of t-distribution.

b) IQ test was administered to 5 persons:

Candidates:                      I        II        III       IV     V
IQ before training:            110   120     123    132   125
IQ after Training:             120    118     125    136   121

Test whether there is any change in IQ after training programme.
[t = 0.01 (4) = 4.6]

problem 7) prepare brief notes:

a) Type I and Type II error.

b) Null hypothesis and Alternative hypothesis.

c) Sampling errors.

d) Large Sample Test.

e) Properties of normal distribution

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