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problem) How did oil spill effected the stock price of BP. Also as verification that oil spill was a cause of the change in prices – compare it (BP) to other oil companies (2 or 3)

Model to use: CAPM (capital asset pricing model)

Sample of about 200 observations (for each company)

The paper should follow the manner in which published papers in the economics /econometrics literature are structured, i.e. it should contain:

i) An introduction in which the problem in defined, followed by a literature review.

ii) Formulation of the problem with full arguments supporting the solution proposed.

iii) If it is an empirical paper, it should also include a discussion of the data used, with an explanation as to why such data are appropriate for the investigation. If the data are not appropriate, but no appropriate data are available, it should include a discussion as to how closely the available data may serve as “proxies”, and what the consequences of using inappropriate data might be.

iv) In an empirical paper you should include an appendix containing the data (unless they are too voluminous) and tables containing the results on which you base your conclusions.

v) For both theoretical and empirical papers there should be a section summarizing your conclusions and commenting on possible extensions of the work.

vi) For both theoretical and empirical papers there should be a Bibliography, or a list of References, containing at least the sources cited in the paper.

vii) It is preferable that the first page of the report is a title page, containing (only) the title of the paper, the name of the author, and the date of completion.

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