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Instructions on Assessment:
Select an organisation that is undergoing some form of strategic re-alignment. This can be public, private-sector or third sector, and preferably one in which you are or have been involved. Make your selection carefully thinking about access to internal and external data.
Produce an individual report that includes an analysis of strategic options and recommended actions. Academic theory should be appropriately applied & referenced to APA Referencing. Your report should be structured round the following four tasks:
1) Using Macro & Micro frameworks analyse and evaluate the external environment of your organisation from the perspective of the external context within which it operates. Summarise your findings by drawing attention to the key drivers for change, major economic trends and their implications in the global economy.
2) Collect data on the organisation (existing documentation such as company reports and maybe published/primary interviews with senior managers). Using appropriate theoretical frameworks identify and discuss the sources of competitive advantage used and maintained by  the organisation.
3) Identify a process of strategic change in the organisation and using appropriate models identify the blockages and facilitators of change, ensuring that you evaluate the role of culture in this process.
4) In approximately 500 words summarise your discussions from the previous three tasks. You should consider whether  the business objectives make sense  (the objective is appropriate & achievable by the stated means & what barriers there might be).

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