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Problem: Henry visited the doctor's office last week due to a persistent cough and complexity breathing. The bill has arrived and Henry can see which he was charged by his physician for the visit as well as radiology for x-ray of his lungs and the laboratory for tests on his blood sample. The combined fees billed for the visit, the x-ray and the lab tests are $475. With prior health care visits this year, Henry has already met his yearly deductible of $200 and has accrued $700 toward his co-insurance cap in previous bills he has paid.

Use the following information to compute the portion of the bill to be covered by Henry's insurance provider.

i) Annual deductible $200 (previously met)
ii) Co-insurance split 80/20 (insurance 80%/Henry 20%)
iii) Co-insurance cap $1,000 (before this visit, Henry had paid $700 in co-insurance so far this year)

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