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problem 1: A ______________________ company is prohibited from issue of prospectus.

problem 2: Industrial Development Bank of India is an illustration for ___________________ Company.

problem 3: Closing a company is termed as _________________.

problem 4: Closing a partnership firm is termed as ____________________.

problem 5: The minimum number of members in a public company is___________ and a private company is _______________.

problem 6: The maximum number of members in a private company is __________ and public company is ________________.

problem 7: A government complies is one where _______________ percent or more of share capital is held by State or Central Government or both.

problem 8: The formation of Joint Stock Company has two stages. They are_______________ and ________________.

problem 9: The Certificate of Incorporation is also called as a __________________ of the company.

problem 10: The charter of the company is __________________.

problem 11: The Articles of Association deals with the _________________ of the company.

problem 12: The competent authority to issue permission to release prospectus is ____________________.

problem 13: The statement inviting the general public to subscribe to the share capital of the company is called ______________.

problem 14: The amount of minimum subscription is as much as quoted in ___________________.

problem 15: The number of clauses describing the contents of Memorandum of Association is ____________.

problem 16: The management of company is in the clutches of a few directors and shareholders with large holding of shares. This is described as _____________________.

problem 17: A joint stock company is registered under ____________________.

problem 18: A cooperative society is registered under _____________________.

problem 19: _________________ form of organization is governed by the principle of ‘one man one vote’.

problem 20: One of the needs of public enterprise is ________________. 

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