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problem1. What is the implied equity value per share, when the present value of their unlevered free cash flows is $270 million and their EBITDA exit multiple is 8.5 xs? You as well know the following: the present value of the terminal value is $2,400 million, net debt is $314 million, the cost of equity is 8.5% weighted average cost of the capital is 6.0% and there are 120.000 million diluted shares outstanding.

problem2. Turner Corp. has a debt of $230 million and generated net income of $121 million in last fiscal year. In attempting to find out the total value of the firm, an investor identified a similar firm in Jacobs, Inc., all-equity firm. This firm had 150 million shares outstanding, share price of $14.25, and net income of $182 million. What is total value of Turner Corp.?

problem3. The covariance of returns between Einstein stock and bohr stock is 0.0087. The standard deviation of Einstein is 0.26, and standard deviation of Bohr is 0.37. What is correlation coefficient between the returns of the two stocks?

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