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problem1. A buyer who has not purchased from a vendor in the past is MOST LIKELY to buy from that vendor when there is:

A) New-task buying.
B) Selective buying.
C) Selective task buying.
D) Straight rebuy buying.
E) Modified rebuy buying.

problem2. _____ is responsible for working with suppliers and arranging the terms of sale.

A) Buyers
B) Gatekeepers
C) Users
D) Deciders
E) Influencers

problem3. Purchasing specifications

A) None of these alternatives is correct.
B) For services, as compared to goods, tend to be detailed because services are usually performed before they're purchased.
C) Are often simple for manufactured items with highly standardized quality.
D) May simply include a brand name or part number when purchasing requirements are complicated.
E) For services, as compared to goods, tend to be detailed because services are more standardized than goods.

problem4. Sweets Galore, the manufacturer of Rainbow brand lollipops, decided to expand into manufacturing liqueur-filled chocolate truffles. Its buying procedure for the liqueurs, chocolates, and molds was extensive, and included setting product specifications and measures sources of supply. This is an ex of a.

A) Simplified rebuy.
B) Modified rebuy.
C) New-task buys.
D) Straight rebuy.
E) Straight buy.

problem5. A purchase having some multiple influence and requiring some information would fit the description of a

A) New-task buys.
B) Modified buy.
C) Straight rebuy.
D) Simplified buying.
E) Modified rebuy.

. Organizational buyers:

A) Tend to be more emotional than final consumers--because their jobs are at risk if a problem arises.
B) Prefer formal procedures for rating vendors over informal approaches like vendor analysis.
C) Are likely to do little search for additional information if the purchase is unimportant.
D) Tend to rely almost totally on salespeople as their source of information.
E) None of these alternatives is correct.

problem7. Bank of Omaha is an ex of what kind of organizational customer?

A) Nonprofits
B) Government
C) Producer
D) Intermediary
E) Resident buyer

problem8. Straight rebuy

A) Decisions are infrequent, but they typically take longer to make than new-task buying decisions.
B) Decisions can’t be influenced by advertising.
C) Vendor selections are likely to be made by a purchasing manager--without consulting anyone else.
D) Decisions basically involve getting negotiated bids from suppliers.
E) Decisions, as contrasted with modified rebuys, are more likely to involve multiple buying influence.

problem9. _______ is the terms of sale offered by various suppliers in response to the purchase specifications posted by buyer.

A) Purchasing rebuys
B) Competitive bids
C) Requisitions
D) Auctions
E) Legal bonds

problem10. Vendor analysis is a (n)

A) Analytic processing of requests to buy something from a vendor.
B) Formal rating of suppliers on all relevant areas of performance.
C) Written description of what the firm wants to buy.
D) Request to buy something.
E) Analytic processing of requests to sell something to a vendor.

problem11. Macy's is considered which kind of organizational customer?

A) Intermediary.
B) Producer.
C) Nonprofits.
D) Government.

problem12. A _____ refers to all of the people who participate in or influence a purchase.

A) Set of gatekeepers
B) Procurement department
C) Buying centre
D) Bidding group
E) Sales analysis group

problem13. ABC Technologies manufactures computer accessories, such as modems and network cards. Even though the company has numerous purchasing managers, the company president has final authority on all purchases over $500, comprising the selection of the supplier. In the typical buying centre in this company, the company president would have the primary role of:

A) Buyer.
B) User.
C) Decider.
D) Influencer.
E) Gatekeeper.

. White-water Corp. is looking for a new vendor for basic plastics since the present vendor has been inconsistent about meeting delivery schedules. Which of the following buying processes is the firm's purchasing agent MOST LIKELY to employ?

A) Straight rebuy buying
B) Modified rebuy buying
C) New-task buying
D) Intensive buying
E) Selective buying

problem15. Which of the following is NOT an ex of organizational buyer?

A) A sales rep buying a new necktie to make a good impression.
B) A wholesaler buying a delivery truck.
C) None of these is a good ex of an organizational buyer.
D) A woman buying cookware to sell to her friends and neighbours.
E) A government buyer purchasing a new desk for the mayor's office.

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