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Assignment: Sources of Revenue

The final project will be a cumulative project which will span the weeks of the course. Each week you will complete a part of the project, which will as well coincide with that week’s lectures.

Sources of Revenue:

Tenet Healthcare and HCA Holdings Inc. are main competitors in the healthcare industry. Visit the Web sites beneath to review the Income Statements for each and every healthcare organization.

Tenet Healthcare Corporation:

HCA Holdings, Inc.

Study the revenue source information contained in the report. Present in a bar graph a comparison of the selected healthcare provider’s revenue sources by percentages. In 2 paragraphs prepare your analysis or examination of the similarities or differences between such revenue sources.

Submit the bar graph and your analysis in a Microsoft Word document.

Name your document SUO_HCM3005_W1_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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