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problem1. Starting next year, you will require $10,000 annually for 4 years to complete your education. (One year from today you will withdraw the first $10,000.) Your uncle deposits an amount today in a bank paying 5% annual interest, which will provide the required $10,000 payments.

a) How large should the deposit be?

b) How much will be in the account instantly after you make the first withdrawal?

problem2. Equity Multiplier and Return on Equity Organic Chicken Company has debt-equity ratio of 0.65. Return on assets of 8.5 percent, and total equity is $540,000. What is the equity multiplier? Return on the Equity? What is the Net income?

problem3. When the investor invests $1000 in A, $2000 in B, $3000 in C and $4000 in D what is the return of this portfolio in each state of economy?

a) What are the anticipated return, standard deviation and variance of portfolio?

b) Given the dollar investments given above, if Stock A, B, C and D have betas of 1.56, 1.32, 0.1 and 0.7, respectively, what is the beta of this portfolio?

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