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Discussion problems:

1. Highlight the steps a large high-technology organization takes to recognize its plan for personnel acquisition for the upcoming year. Recognize the uncertainties which apply to each step.

2. Make a resume of your qualifications, meeting the criteria. What (if anything) may you like to add to or delete from resume format?

3. Illustrate a performance appraisal method or form with which your familiar, and measure its strengths and weaknesses.

4. Provide an ex in which Barnard’s ‘acceptance theory’ of the authority seems to apply especially well.

5. What are some situations under which the formal or System I style of leadership would be most effectual, and where would you rely on the System II Style?

6. It is a management maxim that authority must be equivalent to responsibility. Recognize conditions where this is not true, and suggest how this weakness may be compensated for.

7. Is it reasonable that the managers from backgrounds other than engineering might find out delegation easier? Sustain your conclusion.

8. Recognize different committees from organization(s) with which you’re familiar, and describe the reasons for using the committee in each application.

9. Illustrate out the responsibilities of

i) The committee chair and

ii) A committee member

a) Before,

b) During, and

c) After committee meeting.

10. Illustrate out the purpose, preparation, size, for conduct and follow-up involved in the committee meeting with which you’re familiar, and critique each of these.

Additional Requirements

Min Pages: 5

Level of Detail: Show all work

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