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For this assignment you are acting as a financial analyst for Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is one of the most innovative companies worldwide. For ex, in November 2012 Apple sold 3 million ipads in 3 days after the launch of the new ipad mini and the 4th generation ipad. You have been provided with a three-year financial history of Apple Inc. (note that this information is an excerpt from their Consolidated Financial Statements; For a copy of their Annual Reports and for further information you can visit their website
This is an individual assignment and each student must hand in their own copy. You will be graded on your analytical skills and the content of your analysis.        

1) Perform horizontal financial analysis; Using at least 5 financial ratios, including both Balance Sheet and Income Statement ratios, discuss the financial performance of Apple Inc. from 2009, 2010, and 2011. Choose the ratios that you think are the most useful for analyzing Apple Inc., making sure to address profitability, solvency, and liquidity. You must interpret the ratios within your discussion.
2) Conclude on whether you would invest today in Apple Inc. and provide rationale as to why or why not. Discuss at least 3 points which support your conclusion, and 1 of these points must relate to a competitor’s financial performance (ie: Samsung, RIM, etc...). These points can be either quantitative or qualitative but must be supported by evidence, so make sure to provide copies of materials/articles referenced. Google finance website is a useful tool.

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