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problem1. Morningside nursing home, the not-for profit corporation, is estimating its corporate cost of capital. Its tax-exempt debt currently needs an interest rate of 6.2percent, and its target capital structure call for 60 percent debt financing and 40 percent equity (fund capital) financing. Its estimated cost of the equity is 16.4 percent. What is the Morningside's corporate cost of capital?

problem2. Suppose that Berkshire is a constant growth company whose last dividend per share (D0) was $1.00. The dividend is anticipated to grow at a stable rate of 8 percent per year. What is stock's value if investors need a 15 percent rate of return?

problem3. The day Little Joey was born his smart Grand Parents opened the Investment Account that promised to pay 8% per year with the lump sum of $10,000. In addition, they had been investing $100 per month in same account. Today Joey turned 18 and his Grand Parents liquidated this investment account and gave the total proceed to Joey for his college education. The amount of total proceeds is:

problem4. You are offered the investment that will make you three payments of $ 5,000 each. These payments would happen from now at the end of 4th, 5th, and 6th year respectively. When you can re-invest it @11%, what is most this investment is worth now?

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