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Make a Punnett square to find out the possibility of couple having a colour-blind child if the mother has the recessive trait on one X and the father is colour-blind.

HINT: employ Xb to indicate the X with the colour-blindness trait. How many female offspring will be colour-blind?

How many male offspring?

What was the case number of student's karyotype? What was the consequence of the student's karyotype?

(Comprise the sex and the chromosomal disorder, if applicable. If there was no chromosomal disorder, the student should state that the individual was normal.)

Provide an ex of situation in which it would be significant to create the karyotype for individual. describe.

Genetically speaking, why is it significant not to mate with the close relative? Discuss.

Does karyotype tell all of a person's genetic characteristics? Discuss.

Why is a photograph of cells in metaphase utilized if constructing a karyotype?

What does it mean to be a carrier of genetic defective characteristic? When might it be significant to know if one is a carrier?

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