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Task1.  A company is producing the electromagnetic field parts for this it needs material Alpha whose original standard consumption is 800 units at 24 $ as well as its actual consumption is 640 units at 26 $ Similarly for material Neutro whose original standard consumption is 400 units at $ 20 and its actual consumption of 520 units at 20 $. It is decided to revise the standard consumption of material Alpha to 680 and that of material Neutro to 40 units to enhance the quality of the product. Find its original standard mix ratio, revised standard mix ratio.

Task2.  If coffee has a standard mix of 400 kg at $ 20 per kg and tea having a standard mix of 600 kg at $ 40 kg as a total of standard mix of both materials is 1000 kg. Coffee’s actual mix of 480 kg at $ 28 per kg and tea’s having 720 kg at $ 36 per kg, with a total of 1200 kg. So, find out material sub usage variance.

Task3.  Six years ago the Singleton Company issue 19-year bonds with a 13% yearly coupon rate at their $1,000 par value. The bonds had an 8% call premium, with 5 years of call protection, today Singleton called the bonds.

1. Evaluate the realized rate of return for an investor who bought the bonds when they were issued and held them till they were called.

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